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How To Deal With High Pressure Alarm for Air Cooled Chiller


Many customers worry about their air cooled chiller is with high pressure alarm in hot summer ,especially in some areas with relatively high temperatures which can be above 45℃, such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and some other African countries.

General air cooled chillers are equipped with protection devices, when the chillers appear high pressure alarm, it will automatically start the protection device, and the corresponding will have a alarm.

The high pressure alarm of the air cooled chiller is triggered by the poor cooling effect of the condenser.If this problem is not fixed ,the chiller will not work normally ,it will cause the current to be too large and burn the compressor.

The reasons for air cooled chillers with high pressure alarm are as follows:

1. Air cooled chiller’s condenser rely on fans to dissipate heat.When the ambient temperature is above 40 degrees, the heat dissipation of the condenser is poor, that is, the heat generated by the refrigerant circulation cannot be taken away by the fan.

2.The condenser is dirty and blocked, which will also cause poor heat dissipation and lead to high pressure alarm.


1. Check whether the fan works properly.

2. Make sure air cooled chiller’s installation location is well ventilated to exhaust hot air smoothly.

3. If the ambient temperature is higher than 45 degrees, you can consider use a fan or cooler to cool down the temperature around.

4. Periodically remove the air filter to clean the fins of condenser

5. If the ambient temperature is around 45 ℃, need to increase the condenser size to improve heat dissipation efficiency.Normally, we will increase size to 25% for chiller using refrigerant R22, R407c, R410a.

If ambient temperature higher than 45 ℃, we suggest to design the chiller with R134a which can be used at ambient temperature of 50 ℃.The disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high, because its refrigeration efficiency is only 65% compare with other refrigerants, in order to achieve the same cooling capacity, you must use a larger compressor.

P.S. The installation of air-cooled chiller should choose the right location to ensure that the installation environment is well ventilated.

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