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Guangdong Tongwei Machinery Co., Ltd.

GuangDong TongWei Refrigeration Machinery Co., Ltd. founded in 2011, is an excellent enterprise integrating research and development, design, manufacture, sales and service for refrigeration equipment and energysaving system. Our company has many years of production experience and strong technical development capability, standardized management and good operating mechanism to make enterprises to attract a large number of excellent professional talents, so as to ensure the high quality of products and production efficiency. With first-class quality and superb service, we are well received by our customers. And its excellent performance and reasonable price have made our products sellwell both at home and abroad. Main Products: Industial Chiller; Screw chiller; Scroll Chiller; Packaged Chiller; Industrial Air Cooled Chiller; Portable Chiller; Glycol Chiller; Oil Chiller; Process Chiller, explosion-proof chiller and Water Cooling tower; They are widely used in plastics, electronics, chemical industry, chemical fiber, electroplating, food, textile, clothing. printing, blow molding, blister, medicine, fresh, building, mechanical equipment, and many other industries and fields. We uphold the "integrity, innovation and dedication" of the enterprise concept, sustainabledevelopment for a long time, thecompany regards product quality as life, strengthen quality management, establish a "people-oriented, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence, and create a win-win" concept of development, through the tireless efforts of all staff, make our products and services in the market more perfect.

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100HP Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Delivery to Philippines For Cooling Coconut Milk


100HP Air Cooled Scroll Chiller Delivery to Philippines For Cooling Coconut Milk

One of our Philippine customers need a chiller to cool coconut milk,which request 240 KW cooling capacity ,so we help them choose our 100hp air cooled scroll chiller model TW-100AF. Today we arrange the shipment for this 100hp air cooled scroll chiller to their Manila port,they will receive the chiller at the beginning of next month.

Why Need Dairy Milk Chiller For Cooling Raw Milk


Why Need Dairy Milk Chiller For Cooling Raw Milk

As the demand for high-quality dairy products grows, the need for proper cooling systems during production. An important component in this process is the industrial chiller. In this article, we’ll explore why dairy milk chiller is necessary to cool raw milk and how it can benefit dairy producers.

Why Chillers are so Important in Injection Molding Processes


Why Chillers are so Important in Injection Molding Processes

If you’re in the plastic industry, you know how important it is to maintain precise temperatures throughout the injection molding process — and a key player in this equation is industrial chillers. A chiller is an essential component in injection molding processes, ensuring consistent and efficient cooling of the mold.In this article,we will learn why chillers are essential and how they enhance efficiency and quality in injection molding processes.

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