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Our Service

As a trustworthy manufacturer and supplier of air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers in China, we have provided tens of thousands of high-quality air-cooled chillers and water-cooled chillers to our customers for more than 15 years.

Our philosophy is not only to provide high-quality chillers to customers, but also to create value and services for customers.Through this page, you can better understand our global marketing, 24/7 service, technical support, warranty time, commissioning and startup services.

We believe that after reading the following, you will have confidence in our products,our company, and our entire staff are working hard to manufacture high-quality chillers to meet your specific refrigeration needs.

Free Service and Technical Support

As a professional chiller manufacturer for more than 15 years, we is always willing to provide free service and technical support to our customers, whether before, during or after sales. If you need any assistance, please feel free to call us or send your inquiry to our email. These free services and technical support include:

Based on our rich experience, we listen to your detailed chiller requirements and provide the best chiller solution for your application.

If you don‘t know how to determine your chiller model or cooling capacity, it‘s not a big problem, just tell us your specific cooling needs and we will guide you in choosing the right economical chiller model.

7*24 hours online service. If you have any questions about the chiller, you can call or email us and we will provide you with support at any time.

Standard Warranty Period

After purchasing our products, you become an important customer in the our ERP customer management system.

We will provide regular follow-up services, and your chiller can enjoy a warranty period of up to 12 months after installation and commissioning.If you request 24 months warranty ,we also can agree it .

If your chiller malfunctions, you can contact us for support to resolve your issue. Once we receive your information, our on-call service technician will contact you as soon as possible.

Start-up & Commissioning

We also offer additional services for chiller start-up or commissioning. Before you plan to start up, it‘s important to follow proper installation procedures and have your chiller ready.

When your chiller is ready, our technicians will guide you on how to start the chiller. In addition, we also provide you with a full set of written information, including chiller installation manual, operating manual, and electrical drawings.If you still don’t know how to start up the chiller ,we will take a video to guide you.

Free Replacement Spare Parts

Providing free replacement spare parts for TopChiller is the best customer service in the industry to support you when you are sourcing replacement parts.

We have most standard parts are in stock and available for next-day shipment for your chillers,unless some custom accessories.

If you want to have some replacement spare parts, just provide us with your chiller serial number and model number to expedite the sourcing process.

It is better to have the nameplate and pictures of your chiller for our reference. This will help us find the proper replacements at the earliest time.

We is carrying our responsibilities to provide technical support and service to our customers.

Basic Chiller Cooling Capacity

Proper sizing of a chiller for your application is very important and can depend on a large number of variables. For over 15 years, our team has successfully sized, quoted and built chillers for your specific application.

Chiller size calculator, we need to know your flow rate (GPM), incoming water temperature and required chilled water temperature, you will calculate the required chiller size in tons.

We also provide industry-specific rules of thumb for chiller sizing based on your application, metal finishing, medical chillers, plastic chillers, welding chillers, laser chillers and food processing industries.

If you‘re not sure what size chiller you need? We are here to help. Contact us and we will work with you to determine the ideal size chiller for your custom application.

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