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How Long Maintenance and Service Industrial Chiller Unit.


Industrial Chillers are essential refrigeration machine used for cooling various processes and equipment. When chillers operate over an extended period, their efficiency may decrease due to factors like dirt accumulation, refrigerant leaks, or worn-out components. Regular maintenance helps ensure that the chiller operates at its optimum efficiency, providing effective cooling. And regular servicing helps extend the life of the chiller, reducing the need for premature replacements.How long you need maintenance and service industrial chiller units when you use,please see blow tips :

1.Every one to three months, Clean the inside and outside surfaces of the chiller to remove accumulated dust and dirt. You can use compressed air or soft brush to clean the air duct and condenser of the chiller( aluminum fin) to ensure that the heat dissipation effect of the chiller is good.

Condenser Clean

2.Every one month, Check the water quality and water level of the cooling water system to keep the cooling water clean and stable;

3.Every two months, Check the refrigerant pressure of the chiller. Ensure that the pressure of the refrigerant is within the normal range to avoid the impact of too high or too low pressure on the chiller

4.Every one to two months, Check the chiller‘s electrical system, including wires, terminals, and control panels. Make sure the electrical connection is good, not loose or corroded, and deal with any abnormal conditions in a timely.

We will also have operation and instruction manual delivery with machine .

In a word, regular maintenance and servicing of a chiller are important for its continued efficient and safe operation. It helps prevent costly breakdowns, extends our chiller‘s lifespan, and ensures compliance with industry regulations. Additionally, it contributes to energy efficiency and can help maintain a safe working environment.

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