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Successfully Installed 30HP Industrial Air Chiller in Blown Film Factory


Today ,Our Mexico customer send an video about the condition to start the 30HP industrial air chiller in their blown film factory ,which has finished installation,and it improve the quality and efficiency of their production process.

Our customer purchased this 30HP Industrial Air Chiller is to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the production process, ensuring that the blown film is of the desired quality.

30HP industrial air chiller is with cooling capacity 25TR ,which dissipate heat by fans on the top of chiller ,so it don’t need connect with water cooling tower . The chiller is equipped with about 400L stainless steel water tank and water pump ,it just use pipes to connect with blown film machine ,which is easy installation .

The 30HP Industrial Air Chiller provides numerous benefits to the blown film factory, including improved quality control, reduced maintenance costs, and increased productivity. The factory's management is pleased with the decision to install this chiller, which is already proving to be a valuable addition to their production process.

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