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30HP Industrial Air Cooled Chiller Delivery To USA Customer For Sand Mill Machine


Tongwei, a leading manufacturer and provider of industrial water chiller solution , which shipped 1 set 30HP (30 Ton) industrial air cooled chiller to American customer for their sand mill machine today. Our customer use this 30HP industrial air cooled chiller to cool down the sand mill to ensure that the temperature during the wet grinding process will not be too high and to ensure the long-term, stable, normal operation of the unit and efficient production.

As customer don’t have water cooling tower in their factory ,so we suggest them use air cooled chiller is better and convenient, air cooled chiller dissipate heat by the fans on the top of chiller, so it don’t need connect cooling tower.

This 30 HP industrial air cooled chiller is about 105 cooling capacity , and with below specification :

1.Stainless steel coil in water tank evaporator for clean chilled water ;

2.460V 60HZ 3PH as customer’s request ,environmental friendly R407c refrigeration;

3.Stainless steel water pump and water pipe;

If you are also interested in our industrial air cooled chiller ,welcome to contact us by email:[email protected], whatsapp/wechat:+86 15320636029

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