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What is Injection Molding Chiller and How to Choose It


Injection molding is the process of manufacturing plastic products. This process involves injecting molten plastic material into a mold cavity through a nozzle at high pressure and temperature. However, the high temperature generated during injection molding can cause deformation, shrinkage, and even warping of the final product. That is why need water chiller for injection molding machine in the plastic industry.

An injection molding chiller is a cooling device that removes heat generated during the injection molding process. It maintains the appropriate temperature range required for the injection molding process and enables the production of high-quality products by minimizing the defects in the final product.

How to Choose the Injection Molding Chiller Size

Consider the Cooling Capacity

Cooling capacity is one of the first aspects when choosing an injection molding chiller. The cooling capacity depends on the size of the mold and the material you will use in the injection molding process. Industrial chiller manufacturers usually provide information about the cooling capacity of their chillers. Ensure you know the cooling capacity needed before purchasing a chiller.

In general, every 90 ton clamping force of injection molding machine requires a 1HP chiller, for example:

250T (5.5OZS) × 2units

450T (12OZS) × 2 units

1000T (23OZS) × 1 units

The required chiller size is (250 × 2 + 450 × 2 +1000 × 1 )/90=26.7, that is, 30HP chiller is needed as there is no 26HP chiller. When used for the cooling of other equipment, depending on the specific flow of the cooling water cycle to determine.

Type Of Injection Molding Chiller

There are two types of injection molding chillers: air-cooled and water-cooled. Air-cooled injection molding chillers are best suited for small to medium-sized plants and industries that require minimal energy consumption,which is most of customers choose this type as it install easily. Water-cooled chillers are more efficient for large-scale industries that require more cooling capacity and need connect with cooling tower for heat dissipation.

Flow Rate and Pressure of Chilled Water

For general injection moldings, chilled water pressure up to 2 bar -8 Bar can meet the requirements.

Flow rate and pipe diameter table:

Pipe Dia(In) 3/8″ 1/2″ 3/4″ 1″ 1-1/4″ 1-2/1″ 2″ 3″

Flow Rate(L) 12    20   35  60 90   130  230 560

Annexed Table of Common Material Properties

Material Injection temperature℃ Mold temperature℃ Specific heat capacity Kcal/kg°C

PE 160~310 0~70 0.55

ESP 185~250 0~60 0.35

Nylon 230~300 25~70 0.58

PC 280~320 70~130 0.03

PP 200~280 0~80 0.48

ABS 180~260 40~80 0.4

How To Choose Right Injection Molding Chiller ?

When you want choose a right and suitable chiller for your injection molding machine , you not only need consider cooling capacity ,type of injection molding chiller, but also need consider chiller manufacturer reputation , the maintenance and operating costs and so on.

Manufacturer Reputation

When choosing an injection molding chiller, look for reliable and reputable manufacturers. The market is flooded with various water chiller manufacturers, and selecting the best can be daunting. Carry out thorough research and read reviews from other clients to ascertain the manufacturer's quality. Most of customers will purchase chillers from their injection machine supplier , injection machine supplier buy low price chiller from China local market ,then they resell to you with their injection machine,you may think this is convenient that no need to look for a chiller supplier to purchase chillers ,but when the chiller is with problem , who will help you deal with the alarm, i think the injection molding supplier could not help you as they are not professional in chiller industry.So Tongwei suggest you directly purchase chiller from chiller factory to get best after sales service.

Maintenance and Operating Costs

Before purchasing an injection molding chiller, you also need consider the maintenance and operating costs. Ensure that you buy a chiller that is easy to maintain and requires less energy to operate. Choose a water cooling system with high standards that will guarantee the longevity of the chiller and cut down on repair costs.


Injection molding chillers are essential in the plastic industry for producing high-quality plastic products, and a water chiller manufacturer offers a range of solutions that can boost the efficiency of production. When you choose a right injection molding chiller ,you should consider the cooling capacity, choose the appropriate type of chiller, investigate manufacturer reputation, weigh maintenance and operating costs and so on. Take time to evaluate your needs and choose a chiller that will meet all your injection molding needs.If have any new injection molding chiller ,contact Tongwei to get quotation.

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