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Chiller Water Cooling Pump
  • Chiller Water Cooling PumpChiller Water Cooling Pump
  • Chiller Water Cooling PumpChiller Water Cooling Pump

Chiller Water Cooling Pump

As we are in refrigeration industry , we need water pump for our water chiller and water cooling tower ,and there are different motor power of chiller water cooling pump from 0.37KW to 37 KW on stainless steel or cast iron material . Water Pumps are widely used in many industries, such as air conditioning and refrigeration, HVAC, hot water pressurization, coating extrusion equipment, chemical industry, domestic water supply, water circulation, fire protection system, groundwater extraction, sewage treatment and etc.If you are looking for water pump for your application, we are looking forwarder to become your chiller spare part supplier in China.

Flow range: 2.5~240 m³/h
Head range: 7 ~63 m
Caliber: DN25 ~ DN150
Motor power: 0.37~37 kW
Speed: 2900/2950 r/min
Medium temperature: -40℃ ~ 120℃
Ambient temperature: <40℃
Protection grade: IP55
Insulation grade: F

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Product Description

Chiller Water Cooling Pump

A chiller water pump is required to pump cooling liquid through a closed or open cooling system to power the heat removal process.

Water pumps have important applications in air conditioners, air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, ethylene glycol refrigeration systems and other refrigeration systems. Chiller water pumps circulate chilled water through pipes and heat exchangers to meet specific cooling needs.

The water pump of the chiller is generally a large end-suction pump or a horizontal split-casing pump, with a running time of 1450pm. These pumps are connected to electric motors and supplied as a unit. All of these components are combined and customized to meet your system needs. All water pumps offered by us are engineered for optimum performance, energy efficiency and reliability.

We offer high quality water pumps for your chiller condenser and evaporator chilled or cooling water applications.

Whether it is stainless steel or cast iron water pumps,high pressure water pump, liquid circulation, chiller cooling flow, condenser water cooling, we have various models of water pumps for you to choose from.


MINA MOTO WATER PUMP                              

Stainless Steel High Pressure Centrifugal Pump

We Use MINA MOTO brand GD (2) second generation vertical multi-purpose centrifugal pipeline pump

The GD(2) series pipeline pump is a series of products designed by MINAMOTO company according to the characteristics of single-stage single-suction pumps, referring to domestic and international standards, and optimizing hydraulic models to improve pump efficiency.  It is mainly used to pump clean water at room temper -ature and liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water that are not corrosive.  It is widely used in water supply, refrigeration, fire fighting, water parks, electroplating, chemical, sewage treatment and other systems and equipment.

Scope of performance

  ▪ Speed: 2900/2950 r/min

  ▪ Power: 0.37 kW-37 kw

  ▪ Flow: 2.5-240m3/h

  ▪ Head: 7-63mcaliber: 25-150 mm

  ▪ Medium requirements: clear water <80°℃ or liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to water

Identification Codes

Performance Curve

Performance Parameter

Why should you choose Tongwei for your water pump supplier?

▪ Fast Quote

Get a quote for your project today! We typically provide a custom quote within 2 hours.

▪ 24/7 customer service

Believe that we will always be by your side. Whether you have a question or need a quote, there‘s always someone answering the phone 24 hours a day.

▪ Durable and reliable water pump

Our products from high quality materials and we offer a competitive warranty on all water pump.

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