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200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller
  • 200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller
  • 200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller
  • 200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller

200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller

Tongwei is a trustworthy water chiller supplier and manufacturer with good price with high quality including air cooled water chiller and water cooled water chiller. We have experienced refrigeration engineers to make professional solution for your cooling water systems.This 200 ton water cooled water chiller is with top-quality branded components such as hanbell /bitzer screw compressor, shell-and-tube type evaporator and condenser, PLC temperature controller. It need to install with a cooling tower for high cooling efficiency. Water cooled water chiller can work better in high ambient temperature above 50℃,it is mainly used in plastic industry chemical plants, food processing or other industrial cooling.All our water cooled water chillers are with CE certification and 12 months warranty, any problem caused by defects of chiller itself, service offered till the problem within warranty.We look forward to becoming your long-term water cooled water chiller supplier in China.

Chiller Model: TW-700WDH
Cooling Capacity: 700KW(447200kcal/h)
Refrigerant: R22/R407c/R134A
Power Supply: 380V/50HZ /3PH (Standard) / 208-480V/60HZ/3PH(Customized)
Compressor Brand: Hanbell/Bitzer Screw Compressor
Evaporator Type: Shell and Tube

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Product Description

200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller

Water cooled water chiller is a type of cooling device absorbs heat from process water and transfer it to a separate water source such as a cooling tower.This type of water chiller systems feature high efficiency and stability. Tongwei industrial water cooled water chillers come with various cooling capacity from 2 ton to 60 ton for water cooled scroll chiller , above 30 ton cooling capacity can be water cooled screw chiller .They can cool down fluid temperature easily so this kind of industrial water chillers are also widely used in many applications such as plastic injection, plastic extruding, laser, plasma, water jet cutting, craft brewery, chemicals, welding, etc.

200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller model TW-700WDH,which cooling capacity is 700KW or we call 200HP ,is equipped with TWO semi-hermetic hanbell screw compressor usingR407c, R22, R134a, , and R404a are all available depending on the screw chiller working condition, application requirements, and ambient temperature, shell and tube evaporator,expansion valve and water-cooled shell and tube condenser.With a wide temperature control range and refrigeration capacity, it can precisely control temperatures between 5°C to 25°C. Water cooled water chillers are the ideal choice in the field of industrial cooling, ensuring stable operation of equipment and processes.

As a China leading manufacturer and supplier of water chiller over 15 years, Tongwei has exported various air cooled or water-cooled screw chillers cooling capacity from 40Ton,50Ton,80Ton 120 Ton and 200Ton to the USA, Canada, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Chile, Mexico, ,Argentina, Colombia, South Africa, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia etc. We not only provide high-quality chiller machines, but we prioritize excellent customer service. A major advantage of our Tongwei, is that our customers are our top priority, which sets us apart from our competitors. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and your satisfaction.Some of the key benefits our team provides for your chiller include:Thoroughly unpack, clean and test each chiller system before shipping; Conduct routine quality assurance checks on every unit; Only ship brand new machines and systems to our customers;Troubleshoot and resolve problems as promptly and efficiently as possible. Contact us today to get all of these great benefits with your water cooled water chiller. A member of our team will be happy to address any questions you may have and discuss complete technical specifications. We look forward to working with you.

200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller Technical Specification MODEL:TW-700WDH



nominal cooling capacity







Chilled Water Temperature Range


Max power consumption



Full load



power source


3PH - 380V - 50HZ (Standard)

3PH - 220-480V - 60HZ (Customized)





Charge volume





Electric thermal expansion valve




Semi-hermetic screw




Start mode



Capacity control






   Water cooled shell and tube type condenser

Cooling tower water flow rate 






inlet and outlet connection






 Dry shell and tube type evaporator

Chilled water flow rate






inlet and outlet connection



safety devices

Over load relay for compressor ,over-current protection,high and low pressure protection,over-temperature protection,traffic protection, three-phase error protection relay, coolant level switch, flow switch




Machinery weight



How Does 200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller Work?

As this 200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller is water-cooled ,it need connect with cooling tower for heat dissipate ,the chiller is with shell and tube evaporator and condenser ,so it also need connect buffer tank and pump outside ,please see blow connection drawing for reference:


200 Ton Water Cooled Screw Chiller with Buffer Water Tank Outside Installation for Reference

Features of Water Cooled Water Chiller

»The chiller adopts a semi-closed Hanbell/Bitzer screw compressor. The compressor is with capacity control 0-25%-50%-75%-100%,which is automatically adjusted according to load changes and is more energy efficient.

»Water Cooled screw chiller uses high-efficiency shell and tube heat exchange to improve cooling efficiency. At the same time, in order to reduce the amount of lubricating oil entering the heat exchanger, the chiller increases the secondary oil content to minimize the amount of oil entering the heat exchanger and passes it through a specially designed injector. The oil return device guides the lubricating oil in the heat exchanger back to the compressor, improving the refrigeration efficiency of the unit and improving the reliability of the unit's operation.

»Water cooled screw chiller uses PLC temperature controller to monitor the overall operation of the unit. Its touch screen allows for adjustments and settings. Save energy consumption by regulating the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant entering the compressor.

»By a water pump, a continuous stream of chilled water enters the chiller from the water tank. The water tank and cooling components of the water-cooled screw chiller are connected through water pipes

»The Refrigerant Can be R22, R134A, R407C, R404a

»380V-415V/50Hz 3pH for standard design. Different design on customer’s request such as 220-570v 60hz 3ph for Philippines ,Mexico or USA customers.

What Are The Main Components Of 200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller ?

4.1 Compressor

The compressor is the key mover in water Cooled Water Chiller because it produces pressure variations to stir the refrigerant around.

For 200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller , which is with TWO unit Hanbell Screw brand or Bizter Screw compressor for optional depends on the required refrigeration capacity, using R407C refrigerant,this brand compress is with high refrigeration efficiency,low noise ,energy saving,environmental protection and durability,safety and stability.

Each screw compressor with 4 steps of energy control 25%-50%-75%-100% to make sure the whole screw chiller is stable and guarantee high refrigeration performance.

Hanbell Screw Compressor

Bizter Screw Compressor

4.2 Evaporator

The evaporator is a crucial component of water cooled screw chiller, as it is responsible for extracting heat from the liquid being cooled,it is located between the compressor and the expansion valve. water Cooled screw Chiller Uses highly efficient closed loop shell and tube type heat exchanger as the evaporator.


Shell and Tube Evaporator

5.3 Condenser

The condenser for water cooled screw chiller is water-cooed type shell and tube for high heat exchange efficiency and good stability.Its function is to cool down the refrigerant steam released from the compressor into a liquid or gas-liquid mixture.


Water-cooled type Shell and Tube Condenser

5.4 Controller Panel

Tongwei chillers use Integrated PLC control system with human-computer interface and big LED touch screen panel.

PLC Controller Panel

How I can Choose the Right Water Cooled Water Chiller?

There are five important chiller specifications you need consider when you choose a chiller for your application :the cooling capacity for chiller ,the voltage required for operation, the associated pump horsepower and flow rate (contact us for custom selection), refrigerant, and the evaporator type.

5.1 Calculate Right Cooling Capacity For Chiller

One of the most frequently ask about how we can know the cooling capacity for chillers.  We use KW ,Ton, But/h,Kcal/h to choose chiller cooling capacity :1 KW=860 kcal/h ;  1 TON=3.517 KW;

1 KW=3412 Btu/h;

There is also a formula to calculate the cooling capacity for chiller:.

Cooling Capacity(kw)= Flow Rate(m3/h)*Temp Change(T1-T2)/0.86

Heat Load= C(specific heat)* M(quality output per hour )*Temp Change(T1-T2)

Oversize the chiller by 20% Ideal Size in KW = KW x 1.2

Noted : T1:Incoming Water Temperature (℃)      T2:Required Chilled Water Temperature(℃)    


For example, what size of chiller is required to cool 10m³ water from 35°c to 15 °c in 1 hour?

Temperature Differential = 35℃-15℃=20℃

Water Flow Rate = 10 m³/hour

Cooling Capacity in KW = 10 x 20 ÷ 0.86 = 232 KW

Oversize the chiller = 232 x 1.2 = 278.4KW

278.4 kw cooling capacity for chiller is required.

5.2 Power

Different countries and regions have different standards for industrial electricity, the common power supplies are 208-230V, 380-420V,440-480V,50Hz or 60Hz, 3phase.

Such in Philippines ,the power supply is 220V 60HZ 3PH , 380V 60HZ 3PH ,460V 60HZ 3PH;

in Singapore and Malaysia ,the power supply is 415V 50HZ 3PH;

in Mexico ,the power supply is 220V 60HZ 3PH;

In USA ,the power supply is 208V 60HZ 3PH;575V 60HZ 3PH;480V 60HZ 3PH and so on

5.3 Refrigerant

R22, R407C, R404A, R134A are optional choices.

R22: good cooling effect, but R22 is considered a powerful greenhouse gas, so it’s forbidden in most countries.

R407C: a good replacement for R22, good cooling effect.

R404A: suitable for application that requires low temperature(below -10°c).

R134A: a non-flammable gas used primarily as a “high-temperature” refrigerant, suitable for air-cooled chiller working at a high ambient temperature above 50℃.

5.4 Evaporator Choose

Air cooled screw chiller generally uses one evaporators: just is shell and tube heat exchanger.Shell and tube type evaporator, which requires an additional water buffer tank to connect.

5.5 Buffer Water Tank Capacity Choose

Buffer tank’s capacity can be customized according to specific needs. It can buffer a larger heat load, store more chilled water .

304 Stainless Steel Water Tank

How Choose Right Water Cooling Tower For Your Water  Cooled Water Chiller?

Water cooled chiller need connect with water cooling tower and water cooling pump outside for heat dissipation,so how to choose right water cooling tower model to your water cooled screw chiller ?

There are three important temperature factors you need to consider when choosing a cooling tower for water cooled chiller: inlet hot water temperature, outlet cold water temperature, and wet bulb temperature. The hot water temperature is that which enters the tower. The cold water temperature is that which leaves the water while the wet bulb temperature refers to the prevailing temperature of the geographic region where the tower is located.

Approach is the term used to refer to the difference between the temperatures of the water source as it enters the tower versus the temperature of the water once it has left the tower. This is a crucial determiner of the effective of the heat exchange process.

To choose the right cooling tower, mechanical efficiency should be given priority. This refers to the amount of fan power needed to circulate ambient air within the cooling tower. The range – or the difference in temperature between hot and cold water – is also crucial as it will impact energy usage.

so to find out how to choose a cooling water tower with sufficient cooling capacity, you should understand what circumstances require the use of a cooling tower. Please find the below water cooling tower is suitable for water cooled screw chiller :

Cooling Capacity of Chiller

Water Cooling Tower Capacity

70HP(230KW/65 Ton)

80 Ton

80HP(250KW/70 Ton)

100 Ton

90HP(300KW/85 Ton)

100 Ton

100HP(350KW/100 Ton)

125 Ton

110HP(375KW/110 Ton)

125 Ton

120HP(415KW/117 Ton)

150 Ton

140HP(470KW/130 Ton)

175 Ton

160HP(500KW/140 Ton)

175 Ton

170HP(560KW/160 Ton)

200 Ton

180HP(590KW/165 Ton)

200 Ton

200HP(610KW/173 Ton)

250 Ton

Spare Part for Water Cooled Water Chiller

What is the Difference Between Air Cooled Water Chiller and Water Cooled Water Chiller

Air-cooled and water-cooled water chillers are both types of chillers used for cooling applications in various industries.

The main difference between air cooled water chiller and water cooled water chiller is condenser :

The condenser of an Air-Cooled Water Chiller is cooled by the ambient air,which the heat generated during the cooling process is dissipated into the surrounding air;

Water Cooled Water Chiller with a shell and tube water-type condenser that is attached to a cooling tower and is typically used in medium and wide installations where water is available.So Water cooled water chiller need connect with water cooling tower and water cooling pump outside , the installation is more trouble than air cooled screw chiller .

But if your ambient temperature is very high above 50℃,we suggest you use water cooled water chiller ,as air cooled screw chiller may consume more energy to achieve the same cooling capacity due to the limitations of air as a heat exchange medium and water cooled water chiller uses constant water source for more stable and efficient heat dissipation,so in high ambient temperature , water cooled water chiller is more energy-efficient and better choice for your application .

 Air Cooled Screw Chiller

Industrial Applications of Water Cooled Water Chiller

water-cooled water chillers are very popular refrigeration system that can provide steady and reliable water cooling sources for both industrial and commercial usage.

Water cooled water chillers are also widely used in plastic industry,food industry ,chemical industry and Cement/ Concrete Cooling.

8.1 Plastic Industry

Water-cooled water chillers are also widely used in plastic processing and plastic industry including plastic injection molding, plastic extrude, and extrusion lines, blowing molding machines.

The function of using an water-cooled screw chiller is to provide the cooling water flow rate for cooling the plastic mold temperature down to make sure the product quality and production efficiency.

Water Cooled Water Chiller For Plastic Industry  

8.2 Food Industry

Water cooled chillers are important in the food industry to maintain temperature control, preserve quality, support various production processes, and comply with regulations.

Water Cooled Water Chiller For Food Industry

8.3 Chemical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry prepares medicines by processing through different heating and cooling parameters as blending, extrusion, mixing,water cooled water chiller are cooling machines providing low-temperature cooling water, reduce the temperature of the chemical machinery and pharmaceutical cooling processing.

Water Cooled Water Chiller For Chemical industry

8.4 Cement /Concrete Cooling

Cement production involves a series of chemical reactions that generate significant amounts of heat.Cement is usually mixed with water to from the material known as concrete whose temperature is to a great extent determined by the water used in the chemical combination of cement aggregates and water.


Shipping Way of 200 Ton Water Cooled Water Chiller

As a professional water chiller supplier &exporter,we have our own shipment forwarder to arrange the shipment .Our chiller machine is with plywood packing,which prevent damage during transportation and meet export standards.There are three ways can delivery your chiller unit :

1. Ship by Air: As the chiller is with compressor ,water pump and fans ,the compressed refrigerant and oil inside the compressor is a dangerous item with the possibility of explosion , so it needs to release the compressed refrigerant before transportation. (It means that water chiller without refrigerant when choosing this shipping way. After the machine arrives at your destination, you need to add refrigerant by local professionals. The airline company also request us to provide many documents to prove that the chiller not a dangerous product. The freight cost by air is very high may be higher than the cost of chiller , So By air for delivery is not the mode of transport recommended to our customer.

2. Ship by Sea: The transportation time is longer than by air , but the freight cost is cheap ,and there is no need to add refrigerant after the equipment arrives at the destination.This shipping way is the most suitable mode of transportation for you to delivery your local port.

3.If you have your own shipment container in your other supplier in China, we can help you delivery the chiller machine to your supplier in any city of China .

Why should you choose Tongwei for your water cooled water type chiller supplier?

▪ Experience you can trust

We have been designing and building water chiller for over 15 years. From air cooled chiller to water cooled chillers and everything in between, we have built chillers for nearly every industry and every application.

▪ Fast Quote

Get a quote for your project today! We typically provide a custom quote within 2 hours.

▪ 24/7 customer service

Believe that we will always be by your side. Whether you have a question or need a quote, there‘s always someone answering the phone 24 hours a day.

▪ Durable and reliable machine

Our products are manufactured from high quality materials and we offer a competitive warranty on all  industrial chillers.

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